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Insurance Claims AttorneyAre You Frustrated with Your Pending Homeowner’s Insurance Claim? What to Do

When an unexpected disaster hits your home, it can be difficult to know if your homeowner’s insurance company is being fair with your claim. If you feel like you are getting too many issues and conflict from the insurance company, and they aren’t processing or accepting your claim while you’re dealing with the stressful and costly problems of the disaster, it’s time to hire a lawyer. You need to find out your rights and you need your claim taken care of so you can fix your home, replace your items and move on with your life.
Finding an insurance claims attorney that specializes in insurance claims is ideal, since they have the up to date knowledge of insurance law and can quickly assess your case. For your consultation with the attorney you want copies of the claims you have filed regarding the incident, physical letters and all electronic messages that the insurance company has sent back to you, and a full copy of your insurance policy. These documents should be easy to obtain and is necessary for the attorney to assess your homeowner insurance claims, and if you don’t have a copy of your policy try to access one online. With this information your lawyer can see what should be covered, and if the insurance provider is in the wrong.

Once the insurance claims attorney goes over the paperwork they will give a recommendation, and they may try to get the insurance company to settle right away out of court. The lawyer may get the insurance provider to award your claim so you can start repairing the damages, and add compensation for juggling your case around and prolonging it unnecessarily, which could have put financial and mental strains on your life.

Do I have a Claim?

You may be entitled for more than you think, let our team of attorneys manage your insurance claims, our firm has over four decades of combined legal experience.  Get effective legal representation for your Insurance Claim. Call Us Today!

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We specialize in the following areas of law in Florida: -Bad Faith Insurance Claims -Business Claims -Condominium Claims -Fire Damage -Homeowner Claims -Mold Damage -Sinkholes -Water Damage -Windstorm & Hurricane Damage

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Very simple you do not pay us until we win your case, our legal services based on contingency fees. Lets be fight by your side, call us today for a Free Case Review Consultation.

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